Saturday, May 23, 2009

Computers - The flipside

"Come on Anoop stop it , u write all kinds of crap in the blog..n u r nt writin anythin abt me"..These r nt my words, i feel my laptop is sayin these to me . So here u go ..i shd atleast do this 2 da so called computer,with whom i spend around 12 hrs a day ... N 4 all those people outhere , i have a very popular nick name that even my very close friends doesn kno my real one. yeaa, my name is Anoop Chandra..

"Ooo jaggu, u r crossin d limits!! u jus nw told that u r gonna write abt me..n nw u r tellin abt ur name n contact details out here" that was my comp.. I am a typical software engineer who nwadays type much more than what i speak daily...But unlike all others,who r fed up of this IT life n d life with computers.. I love my computer .. I am so fascinated with my work so much so that i can keep lookin at it for hours in office. Only wen my boss come over to ma place n ask me if i am dreamin, i stop starin at my comp n do some work.. lol

I don even like to shut down my pc wen i leave 4 d weekend.. I don want my dear comp to close her eyes so fast.. Due to which i end up payin a fine of Rs.100 every monday .. Yeaa,these r recession days dahlings..even if u r workin for the TATAs( like me) they wont spare u .. Cuttin down electricity bills, u c.. Nwadays they hav found a lotta ways to put a hole into our pockets..N i seriously feel that,computers r also like us.. So afta doin some hectic crap work in my comp, i watch some movies or play games in it.. Its not 4 me.. Its 4 my dear computer.. U c, i am nt a selfish person at all(atleast believe nw ,guys).. I keep aside all my imp wrk,jus to give some time 4 my pc to relax.. As u kno, all work n no play make miss laptop a dull gal..

I read somewhere, some kindaa stupid survey.. Around 72% of software professional,dont have time to spend time wit their families/friends.. I am sure that this survey is also like those stupid facebook quizes (Amith always end up a SRK or a hunk with n number crushes etc in those)..Nw u kno wat i mean, even if u don kno him.. I have lotta time to be in touch with my friends..Infact i talk wit mor no o ma friends thru ma comp daily..

" Hey enuf enuf!! u r startin to say non sense as usual,bt this time about me"..My comp is gettin angry, i think i shud stop nw bcos even tomo i need to move ma fingers on her...

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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Outta my zone... Pot pourri

Its nt hot summer anymore..its nt the same place anymore..its nt the same mood anymore.. But i still feel bored..I still feel to kick my friend's ass 4 no reason... Yeaa , i am still me..Then y was it that,there were no posts here 4 d last 2 mnths... Was it d so called writer's block? Was it that i was too busy ? Was it that i was insecure of fakeiplplayer(lol..wat d heck) ? Was it that i didn jus do it ?

woohoo,lotta questions... But how does these matter anymore.. N who cares abt those... I am back n am still me, very ME. Lotta things r still goin ovaaa my head n some r still hitting on my head back.. I try to dodge but in vain.. More imprtntly Mumbai Indians r outaa IPL, its slowly startin to rain here,n congress r back..

I thot of nt mentionin abt fakeiplplayer here..But still, here u go . i feel he is jus a no guts guy.. I always loved a real nobody rather than a fake somebody. But i shd say, it was way mor interstin than any of the KKR matches.. Yeaa..yeaa.. i kno they pulled 2 off at last, but hw does that help wen u lose a straight ten..

N btw, it was my bday,somedays back.. Till this may 2nd, i din know that friends r more strong on ur bday.. It was d time 4 bday bumps, n 2 of ma friends kicked my butts outta place.. For the next 2 days, i was tryin to sort out,100 diff ways to sleep .. if u know wat i mean.. That was a hella kindaa present.. So this time around, i have noted all my friend's bdays on my phone.. Y miss a chance to giv it back..Afta all, what love witout pain..rt..
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