Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My adventures in Amsterdam !!!

Ok,, Stop .. I know its been quite a long time since i last blogged,but it has been quite a few days since i tweeted also.. I was busy exploring Europe infact Amsterdam(yours truly says it with a grin and all those guys out there would very well know the reason for this grin)..

For all the late comers, i am in Amsterdam since last 4/5 months doing the same job as most of the Indians would be doing-working in IT industry.To be frank i dont find my job very exciting nor it is challenging but all this is made up when i see a Dutch gal in a bicycle in the street :) . Indians here can be basically classified into two-but they are ofcourse NRIs. First type is the Non Returning Indian group,people in this group keeps on watching 'ye jo desh hai mera' song from Swades frequently but when someone asks them "when are you going back to India ? " ,they frown.The other group is more cosmopolitan,Nahi Rehna India types.These people only care of India when India wins a cricket match.

Its a general tendancy here among our public to join the Dutch classes and try speaking Dutch.But from my experience i say,never try speaking in Dutch.Not only will you get an enormous headache but the Hollanders will not understand what you mean. Foreigners are supposed to speak English or Gibberish. Some months back it was the season of Tulips but it is not necessary to fake interest for tulips, mills, wooden shoes or cheese. Every Hollander knows you came for the soft drugs and the Amsterdam red-light district. Both are widely spread and easy to find. Just ask any Hollander over age 6 or any hot blonde,she might just be working there .For all those friends who asked for the pics of RLD,check your mails now :P
It would not be apt if i dont mention abt the World cup soccer final. As the only hindrance for Dutch winning the world cup was 'luck'. Avoid soccer fans at all times. Soccer in Holland is just an excuse to crush the skulls of practically everybody else, including yours. This mainly takes place when the game is lost…or tied…or won. Because i got the same kind of treatment in the semifinal and also in the final.Also remember never to mention the 1974 and 2010 cup finals near a Hollander. He will instantly pull you into a long-lasting litany about how good 'Orange' played then and how luck played against then in 2010…blablablabla

Somedays back my friend Gaurav found a fast and foolproof way of embarassing himself in Netherlands.He went into a coffeshop and asked for a cappuccino with tiger biscuit.Coffeeshops -remember this- do not sell coffee. They do however have a large variety of stimulating products at reasonable prices. Mention not ,Gaurav was certainly

There are a lot more things i need to write about Amsterdam(Holland has more cities then Amsterdam.There is…eh…and…Well, there are more cities,yeaa there is Rotterdam also :) ) but the length of the post is increasing and i am having office tomorrow.Dont look at me like that, i stopped sleeping at office..haha. I am gonna buy a new bicycle next week,dont get surpriced.The most important way of public transportation in Holland is the bicycle. Feel free to take any bike of which you can pick the lock. Just don't expect your own bike to be in the same spot where you parked it 3 minutes earlier. Hunting season for bikes is open 365 days a year. So wish me good luck.

Hope this one was not a travelogue. As if you and me care, i write it for the limited audience(5 Chaoo ,,Promise to be frequent here
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Friday, January 1, 2010

All izz well that ends well ..

Well its the first of Jan 2010 and i am back. "Who cares, if u r back or not . Does anyone read your blog ? " , that was my friend Sandeep sitting next to me. "Its actually not for my readers, its actually for me to realize that i am blogging again'', i replied. "Are u kidding , i have around 500 regular readers", that was for his second question . Its always nice to start a new year with a lie. Anyways 500 is a lot cooler than the actual

This time unlike last year , i am not gonna put all those things that happened in my life last year. Lets make 2010 different,lets make 2010 special!!! Yesterday night i was at marine drive Mumbai just before the new year bash and i could see the whole of Mumbai there..From 1 year old to 80 year old, from muslims to sikhs.from Indians to Iranians.. That was a wonderful sight.. This was when the whole of kerala was under the comfort of roofs,most of them boozing away to glory.. Every year , people in Kerala are setting new records in alcohol consumption.. Well , who is saying this.. Lets not go there..lmao .. The rest of kerala was getting ready to sleep by then . Infact my mum called me up at 11 45 to wish 'happy new year'. Then i along with my friends moved to Not Jazz by the bay to celebrate.. Eventhough reason for celeberation was different for each. Some wanted to celebrate becos 2009 is ovaa while some had to celeberate to start off well, while someothers like me wanted to celebrate,just to celebrate..

2009 was great fun. I had all those wonderful emotions - fun,jealousy,greed,stupidity,love,anger,moments of sorrow and what not.. There were lotta funny moments in office. One of ma friends in office was asking me to write a post about office. I am not doing it because its not always fun to be jobless and i am not yet prepared to put a' I've run away to join a different circus' -out of office messsage in my But still, office was gettin more and more boring.This is not my opinion,but of all my colleagues. Most of the time i could see one or the other sleeping..may be they were testing keyboard's drool resistance. Once i asked a semi sleepy colleague "dude r u sleeping" . He replied " Actually i am doing Stress Level Elimination Exercise Plan(sleep).It was fun and more fun..Then when some guysfrom abroad
sent the 'first pic in snow ' photos i was feeling the cold vibes- Jealousy i guess.. More salary was my answer,when my pals asked about job,even in the middle of the night..

N btw i am actually thinkin to write a novel. May be then i can fight with the likes of Aamir Khan. What do u guys say? ..After reading 2 states by Chetan Bhagat, i actually started liking
a gal from a different state.. I think Chetan has inspired me a .. There were lottaa other incidents, infact emotions including anger, sorrow and lot more .. But i am not putting all those here now..

Thus goes by 2009 and i am ready for 2010. So do you..By the end of the year, many of my collea
gues vanished. But there was no need to panic as old programmers never die they just branch to a new address. 2009-it was all happy and gay. Yeaa there was also section 377 law in 2009.. How does that matter, So all izz well, that ends well!!!

Happy new year...:
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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Seasons change.. Do we ???

Seasons change .. Do we ? Its been around 2 years in Mumbai ... Many seasons have changed and the vicious circle is goin on n on... Am i still the same? Have the people around me changed ? Lotta questions...But very few answers..

I happen to see a mallu movie 'Rithu' somedays back, n the theme of the movie was the same... Now beleieve me guys, its not the kindaa movie u see when u go 4 a google search on 'mallu movie'.. It was different.. So i think its betta to put it as a malayalam movie rather than a mallu Now lemme comeback... In the last two years, lotta things have changed... I have become more care free about life... They say, u becom serious wen u grow .. But in my case, its just the opposite... It was raining here in summer n it is hot n humid on a winter .. Its d same with me..i have become more unpreditable..It may be the same with most of you.. But who cares, rt...

Now dont get me wrong.. This is not a post on meteorology or seasons.. I was just tryin to do the simile, metaphor thing.. u kno...But times have changed.. I remember the day when my eyes lit up,when dad gifted me a Nokia 3310,some 5 years ago.. now i went 4 for a Nokia 5800 touch phone, jus because i wanted a change .. Our priorities have shifted.. I used to be really happy when i had a pocket money of 1 k .. But now i find a salary of 25 K jus 'not enuf'...n the major change - Cochin to Mumbai... Somedays back me n ma friends went to a lounge to spend some time...One of my friends,Sajith(*name not changed,he he) was wearing slippers and not shoes... The manager of pub spotted this n asked us to leave saying ' it was not allowed'... Sajith was like 'wtf... this is tommy hilfiger' n all those stuffs.... But then the other guy with full on attitude said ' so!! please leave sir '.. U shd have seen Sajith's expression then .... Man that was really funny ..Would this have happened in Cochin?

Times have changed.. But there r many things that dont change with seasons.. Wheneva there is a call from any of ma old friends,i still feel the same old happiness... The neighbour's dog still barks at me.. I still love wakin up late.. I still prefer KFC chicken over idli sambar.I still love Mohanlal over Akshay Many many more such things.....But do we purposefully forget those things which were on the top of our list once... Are all of us oppurtunists, one way or the other.. I am startin to get a bit philosophical.. So its time to stop

Afta writin this much, the same question still pertains.. Seasons change..Do we ??
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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Computers - The flipside

"Come on Anoop stop it , u write all kinds of crap in the blog..n u r nt writin anythin abt me"..These r nt my words, i feel my laptop is sayin these to me . So here u go ..i shd atleast do this 2 da so called computer,with whom i spend around 12 hrs a day ... N 4 all those people outhere , i have a very popular nick name that even my very close friends doesn kno my real one. yeaa, my name is Anoop Chandra..

"Ooo jaggu, u r crossin d limits!! u jus nw told that u r gonna write abt me..n nw u r tellin abt ur name n contact details out here" that was my comp.. I am a typical software engineer who nwadays type much more than what i speak daily...But unlike all others,who r fed up of this IT life n d life with computers.. I love my computer .. I am so fascinated with my work so much so that i can keep lookin at it for hours in office. Only wen my boss come over to ma place n ask me if i am dreamin, i stop starin at my comp n do some work.. lol

I don even like to shut down my pc wen i leave 4 d weekend.. I don want my dear comp to close her eyes so fast.. Due to which i end up payin a fine of Rs.100 every monday .. Yeaa,these r recession days dahlings..even if u r workin for the TATAs( like me) they wont spare u .. Cuttin down electricity bills, u c.. Nwadays they hav found a lotta ways to put a hole into our pockets..N i seriously feel that,computers r also like us.. So afta doin some hectic crap work in my comp, i watch some movies or play games in it.. Its not 4 me.. Its 4 my dear computer.. U c, i am nt a selfish person at all(atleast believe nw ,guys).. I keep aside all my imp wrk,jus to give some time 4 my pc to relax.. As u kno, all work n no play make miss laptop a dull gal..

I read somewhere, some kindaa stupid survey.. Around 72% of software professional,dont have time to spend time wit their families/friends.. I am sure that this survey is also like those stupid facebook quizes (Amith always end up a SRK or a hunk with n number crushes etc in those)..Nw u kno wat i mean, even if u don kno him.. I have lotta time to be in touch with my friends..Infact i talk wit mor no o ma friends thru ma comp daily..

" Hey enuf enuf!! u r startin to say non sense as usual,bt this time about me"..My comp is gettin angry, i think i shud stop nw bcos even tomo i need to move ma fingers on her...

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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Outta my zone... Pot pourri

Its nt hot summer anymore..its nt the same place anymore..its nt the same mood anymore.. But i still feel bored..I still feel to kick my friend's ass 4 no reason... Yeaa , i am still me..Then y was it that,there were no posts here 4 d last 2 mnths... Was it d so called writer's block? Was it that i was too busy ? Was it that i was insecure of fakeiplplayer(lol..wat d heck) ? Was it that i didn jus do it ?

woohoo,lotta questions... But how does these matter anymore.. N who cares abt those... I am back n am still me, very ME. Lotta things r still goin ovaaa my head n some r still hitting on my head back.. I try to dodge but in vain.. More imprtntly Mumbai Indians r outaa IPL, its slowly startin to rain here,n congress r back..

I thot of nt mentionin abt fakeiplplayer here..But still, here u go . i feel he is jus a no guts guy.. I always loved a real nobody rather than a fake somebody. But i shd say, it was way mor interstin than any of the KKR matches.. Yeaa..yeaa.. i kno they pulled 2 off at last, but hw does that help wen u lose a straight ten..

N btw, it was my bday,somedays back.. Till this may 2nd, i din know that friends r more strong on ur bday.. It was d time 4 bday bumps, n 2 of ma friends kicked my butts outta place.. For the next 2 days, i was tryin to sort out,100 diff ways to sleep .. if u know wat i mean.. That was a hella kindaa present.. So this time around, i have noted all my friend's bdays on my phone.. Y miss a chance to giv it back..Afta all, what love witout pain..rt..
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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Damn..I need a beer

"Damn man ..we r screwed up.. jus checkout the economic times" my friend told me.. "ET,u must be kiddin,i kno the stocks r down"..,i was as usual in my in lazy best. "Jus check it out,jaggu..!!! This time he was serious in his tone. I logged into ET website n there was an interview of my company's CEO up there..

Damn..the same expression from me also..Appu jus saw this n asked "What happened ???". " No salary hike this year 4 us,dude..Do u know wat that means.."- me. " Oh come on..I knw this wud happen b4 itself",he tried to maintain a poker face. " Relax ,da..recession..its recession time"-he.

Awwh..I am tired of this word,can somebody tell me an alternate one,so that i can suggest it to my team. I keep hearing this word again n again n again.. This was some gud 2 weeks back..

Recession means a temporary decline in economic activity in oxford.But it means much mor to me nw.. It means that i have to shift our stay from powai(rent,18 k ) to Borivalli(rent 9k).It means that i have to gulp KF instead of carlsberg nw(4 non drinkers,these r 2 means that i have to watch less movies a week . It means that i should feast on the dinner from office canteen,instead of fried chicken..It means i had to stay a week in thane hearin all those crap advices from sajith( i kno saj,u r readin list goes on n on..

Above all,it means that i had to part from my gud friend Prejoy..He was unallocated for some time(d so called bench in IT).N a week back ,HR asked him to go to Bangalore as there wer no projects in Mumbai..His butts was on fire but it was betta than the fire , fear of gettin fire-d. He left to Bangalore.

Speakin abt Prejoy, dude u redefined the word FRIENDS. I am gonna dedicate an entire post 4 u..wait 4 it..its comin.. Jus 2 weeks back..i was complainin to everyone around..Its all d same,we need some change,..Life is gettin mundane n more monotonous..N nw here we go,in jus 2 weeks ,everythin changed..Everythin around me has changed..Damn.. i didn want such a big change.But there is somethin in common..I was screwed up,nw n then,bt 4 diff reasons...

This 9 letter word has such an impact in such a short period..(Hey com on, i did count the letters,recession has 9 letters)..Hey guys,u don trust me..then y did u count it again ? U guys r havin emotional recession now.. n nw lemme ask u somethin ,whats d diff between a software engineer n a barber ? A barber can feed a family of 4. (in malayalam,they say , ചെരകാന്‍ പോക്കുനത് ആയിരുന്നു ഇടിലും ഭേദം ) .
I know i am exaggeratin a bit..Bt u neva know..this mite happen in d future..N i read somewhere,recession is when ur neighbour loses his job.Depression is when u lose ur job.

Damn,, I need a beer..Oh its recession period..Gimme a glass of water,instead..
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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Love is in the air... was valentine's day yday.. The day of love.. ..d day every rose seller had been waitin 4 1 year.. d day every gal wants somethin special from her loved one.. d day every boy takes extra care to make his partner happy.. Hey does gays celebrate valentine's day ? Appu n sandeep,u can ans this ques .. eh,, did i say that...

Hw does that matter..may be...

They say love is d most wonderful feeling among all d emotions.. even i think soo... Yday ,i saw my friend nithin runnin frm one shp 2 other 2 get a pair of hearshaped balloons.. At last,wen he got one, his eyes gt lit up.. Wtf .. jus a baloon n a card 4 ur loved one on valentine's day, i asked... He showed his empty pocket to me while he was holdin firmly on those balloons..This exactly shows d condition of a software engineer these days..Recession is slowly affectin luv also, i guess .. N there wer some atha kindaa peple around-d so calld self proclaimed moral police. These people were talkin all kindaa nonsense ..They said they were gonna make each boy n gal tie knot,if they spot any 2gether on valentines day.. A big F to these morons... But who cares man,,, Love is from d heart..Love flows freely thru all turbulance..

N there is a speciality that i have noticed abt this day . Its always difficult to please a gal.Expecially when anger is at d tip f her nose. Bt on this wndrful day,evry gal is happy with a sweet little rose or a gift that she gets... Y cant every day b a valentine's day..Y can't every one be happy like on a vday? Y can't everyone love eachother as on a vday rather than fight on some stupid craps..? Or is that Mr.cupid is at his very best on this day? i doubt.....

But acc 2 me Love is the mother of all emotions.. Isnt happiness there in love.. Isnt grief there in love..Isnt anger there in love.. Isnt affection there in love.. So wen u r expressin any of these feelings,,u r one way or d atha reflectin ur love.. Ohh.. i am turnin philosophical.. which exactly means that i am .. So next time go slap ur girlfriend instead of kissin her to express ur love...

Lets cherish this wonderful feeling n dis wndrful day... I have been tellin lottaa stuffs abt love bt i didn say anythin abt my love.. Here u go .. Dear i know u will be readin this post... As u said somedays b4 ,thoovanathumbikallilae jayakrishnaeyum radhayeyum polae(Non malayalees pls pardon me).. I love u......N i am serious abt this..


My Love may not be perfect,but its true..
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