Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Ohh .. Its Time...

Time n tide waits for no man, so make hay while the sun shines because today's moments are tommorow's golden moments... Hey did i scare you.. come on , i am nt gonna write somethin very motivatin abt time managemen here. There r betta people around .. lol

My mom always used to tell me ,wake up on time!! . Sleep on time!! Eat on time !! Then later my dad used to tell me 'hey u screwed up in exam bcos u didn manage time properly'. Then in the ground,friends used to tell me 'u made a mess after the half time' .. n nw my boss says 'u r nt on time for d meeting'. Every nw n then i keep hearin abt this time . i am fed up with ths time. Y shd d clock decide whats d time? Rather if i can go to the time i wan by jus rotatin d needle !!

People adviced me to read books n attend seminars on time management. N infact i planned to go 4 1 such .. i asked one of the guys who was organisin it ' dude when does it start'. He replied ' by 9 .. eh 10.. '. lol..I was really impressed with his time managemen that i decided to drop the plan, bt instead went 4 a movie. Here again.. d bloody time. .Yeah u guessed it rite,i was late,d movie had already started.

Time infact is crazy.. Y does it creep while i am attendin a seminar or class ? Y does it fly when i am talkin with a pretty gal ? Y do i always feel if i had somemore time to sleep ? Y do somethings appear mundane n monotonous while some other things appear excitin durin d same time ? I cant control time nor do i kno ansers for these questions on time..
But i certainly kno somethin, its time 4 me 2 sleep. N nw if u feel that u hav wasted ur time, come join me, u too are poor in so called 'time management'.. Someone please invent d time machine fast .
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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

2008- A rollercoaster ride...

Welcome 2009- the year of change,hope,fun,love n whatmore..I have been waitin for u 4 qte a long time..I really don kno y all the people i kno say that year 2008 was either terrible or too bad..But 4 me 2008 wasnt that bad.It was a tremendous experience or may be an experience which i didn have all these years..It was a rollercoaster ride in which i loved n even jumped n shouted at the top of my voice at the highs while screamed n closed my eyes at the lows.. Hey bt guess what even i was waitin 4 2009.. Jus becos i wanted to have a change.. A new beginnin.. But at the end of d day hw does a new year influence u that much,,

So when i lookback i can see a lotta new faces..Some so cute,some so sexy n of some whom i always wanted to kick the ass. 2008 actually reformed me ,the bitter experiences made me strong n the bright spots made me laugh(well ...actually nothin of that sorts..lol..i am still d same ..)
Let me look back those 365 days..

I think i am doin a lotta documentation work nwadays... i make a lot of excel sheets in office these days whcih make me feel that i am an excel-ent worker....lol..(hey don look like that, i am sorry..come on even i knw that it was a bad one). So let me be in the rewind mode n tell u guys the highs n lows of 2008. Let me key in the pitstops n milestones of 2008 as i do in a doc in numbered format 4 dat matter.

1.Mumbai n jus mumbai at the top.Its been exactly one year in mumbai.Till 2008 happend i was pretty much happy with what cochin had to offer to me. But nw in 2009 i love this place a lot .I love my mumbai. i have already written a post abt Mumbai..So no more gaga lala abt Mumbai nw.
2.The lil bit of hindi that i have picked up in 2008(Actually i am being humble..I speak awsome n cute hindi these days acc 2 lotta mumbaikars) . N hw can i 4gt that famous dialogue of mine ' aunty mujhe nahalo' , lol all my friends in mumbai knos abt this n all those in office.Thanks appoos Ruchi for giving it such a big publicity.Bold
3.Lotta new friends..new fun ..new experiences.
4.My new job.. Hey nw after bein discussed lotta thins abt documentations b4..some of u mite get a feeling that i am steno ..I am nt - i am bonafide software engineer, guys...chil!!
5. My new dell laptop ..
n many more

1. Friends- 2008 gave me a lotta new friends bt i also lost touch with many o ma buddies.One of my new year resolutions is to get back in touch with all my buddies.
2.My college life.. I am missin it badly.. durin those 4 years i didn actually realise that it wud b one of d most memorable part of my life. When i hear d word college a whole lot of emotions flash thru my mind in a second.. all those memories.. I am sure that u will also be feelin the same .

3.Then came 26/11..Mumbai terror attacks. It made all of us shocked,frustrated n more importantly regroup. watchin those gory 60 hrs in tv made me more patriotic at the sametime also made me irritated. jus 3-4 days b4 26/11 we were in Leopolds cafe .Neva did we expect such a thin 2 happn there. N also at CST,Taj n d trident.
4.Sharing those sad moments with Amith.All those people close ,knos what i am talkin abt.For others,somethin really awful happened in my friend's life in 2008.For the same very reason i hate 2008 d most..

2009 is here n i am ready..Lets hav fun all ova again..lets hope 2009 turns out to b better than 2008 for 1 jus simple reason that ' ALL WE NEED IS EVERYTHIN'....

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