Friday, January 1, 2010

All izz well that ends well ..

Well its the first of Jan 2010 and i am back. "Who cares, if u r back or not . Does anyone read your blog ? " , that was my friend Sandeep sitting next to me. "Its actually not for my readers, its actually for me to realize that i am blogging again'', i replied. "Are u kidding , i have around 500 regular readers", that was for his second question . Its always nice to start a new year with a lie. Anyways 500 is a lot cooler than the actual

This time unlike last year , i am not gonna put all those things that happened in my life last year. Lets make 2010 different,lets make 2010 special!!! Yesterday night i was at marine drive Mumbai just before the new year bash and i could see the whole of Mumbai there..From 1 year old to 80 year old, from muslims to sikhs.from Indians to Iranians.. That was a wonderful sight.. This was when the whole of kerala was under the comfort of roofs,most of them boozing away to glory.. Every year , people in Kerala are setting new records in alcohol consumption.. Well , who is saying this.. Lets not go there..lmao .. The rest of kerala was getting ready to sleep by then . Infact my mum called me up at 11 45 to wish 'happy new year'. Then i along with my friends moved to Not Jazz by the bay to celebrate.. Eventhough reason for celeberation was different for each. Some wanted to celebrate becos 2009 is ovaa while some had to celeberate to start off well, while someothers like me wanted to celebrate,just to celebrate..

2009 was great fun. I had all those wonderful emotions - fun,jealousy,greed,stupidity,love,anger,moments of sorrow and what not.. There were lotta funny moments in office. One of ma friends in office was asking me to write a post about office. I am not doing it because its not always fun to be jobless and i am not yet prepared to put a' I've run away to join a different circus' -out of office messsage in my But still, office was gettin more and more boring.This is not my opinion,but of all my colleagues. Most of the time i could see one or the other sleeping..may be they were testing keyboard's drool resistance. Once i asked a semi sleepy colleague "dude r u sleeping" . He replied " Actually i am doing Stress Level Elimination Exercise Plan(sleep).It was fun and more fun..Then when some guysfrom abroad
sent the 'first pic in snow ' photos i was feeling the cold vibes- Jealousy i guess.. More salary was my answer,when my pals asked about job,even in the middle of the night..

N btw i am actually thinkin to write a novel. May be then i can fight with the likes of Aamir Khan. What do u guys say? ..After reading 2 states by Chetan Bhagat, i actually started liking
a gal from a different state.. I think Chetan has inspired me a .. There were lottaa other incidents, infact emotions including anger, sorrow and lot more .. But i am not putting all those here now..

Thus goes by 2009 and i am ready for 2010. So do you..By the end of the year, many of my collea
gues vanished. But there was no need to panic as old programmers never die they just branch to a new address. 2009-it was all happy and gay. Yeaa there was also section 377 law in 2009.. How does that matter, So all izz well, that ends well!!!

Happy new year...:
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