Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Oooo shit.. .dat was d frst feeling in my mind wen i gt mumbai as my branch... oh god ;;; nt again ... all my friends r in chennai n elsewhere n wat am i gonna do in mumbai ,,,,.... Then i heard a sound frm d backgrnd ,a very rough voice in typical tamil accent or 'accceon' as divya puts it ... "WHO CARES MAN".. yes u r rt, dat was Muthu.. i rem a 1000 time in tvm ilp wen i had heard this line frm him n nwadays even i am using it frequently..

we moved on to our spot near 2 d stairs where v used 2 do 'RDBMS'.. That was one of d most imp n funniest part of my training in tvm ( i deliberately 4get d nites wen we saw 'films' till nite 3 am in jins' room).Den d small bt big fight with
divya over d chennai swap ..i had become too small atleast 4 sometime then ,bt i recovered soon.Muthu was tellin me n jins " i hav a gr8 feelin dat u guys will b with me in chennai" .. Nw lookin back jins is back in chennai frm d city of trams or may b even jadavpur univrsty-- kolkata,bt i am still in mumbai ...n still he asks me "wat happpenned da ,any chance".. n 4 those of u who dont kno wat is RDBMS: v were maintainain a big table which had all d details of girls in executive n was updated every nw n then...

So in this post i am nt mentionin much abt real appu.,as he requires an individual post 4 all dose appu things he had done n those he is doin nw..
He was really famous during ilp(even nw).Nt to forget d famous saying " DON BE AN APPU"..appu was rather gainin popularity as an adjective ..if d words like fool n idiot had tongue ;they might hav opposed big time as they cud hav feared of losin there position in dictionary .4 d simple reason dat appu was becomin synonymous 2 all those..
(jus jokin)
In d interval,nt 2 4get motivator Balu motivatin each of us 2 become rich n join his-way (or am-way).But d biggest irony is dat most people in chennai fell into Balu's motivation & i am sure even i would b with him if i was there, attendin meetings.....i am wonderin y am i nt mentionin abt d fight b/w manasa,santhi... with me,or was it a fight.. no i don think so ,, it so jus happened.Nw that everythin is patched up ...i want 2 say it one last time "WHO CARES MAN"..
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