Sunday, March 8, 2009

Damn..I need a beer

"Damn man ..we r screwed up.. jus checkout the economic times" my friend told me.. "ET,u must be kiddin,i kno the stocks r down"..,i was as usual in my in lazy best. "Jus check it out,jaggu..!!! This time he was serious in his tone. I logged into ET website n there was an interview of my company's CEO up there..

Damn..the same expression from me also..Appu jus saw this n asked "What happened ???". " No salary hike this year 4 us,dude..Do u know wat that means.."- me. " Oh come on..I knw this wud happen b4 itself",he tried to maintain a poker face. " Relax ,da..recession..its recession time"-he.

Awwh..I am tired of this word,can somebody tell me an alternate one,so that i can suggest it to my team. I keep hearing this word again n again n again.. This was some gud 2 weeks back..

Recession means a temporary decline in economic activity in oxford.But it means much mor to me nw.. It means that i have to shift our stay from powai(rent,18 k ) to Borivalli(rent 9k).It means that i have to gulp KF instead of carlsberg nw(4 non drinkers,these r 2 means that i have to watch less movies a week . It means that i should feast on the dinner from office canteen,instead of fried chicken..It means i had to stay a week in thane hearin all those crap advices from sajith( i kno saj,u r readin list goes on n on..

Above all,it means that i had to part from my gud friend Prejoy..He was unallocated for some time(d so called bench in IT).N a week back ,HR asked him to go to Bangalore as there wer no projects in Mumbai..His butts was on fire but it was betta than the fire , fear of gettin fire-d. He left to Bangalore.

Speakin abt Prejoy, dude u redefined the word FRIENDS. I am gonna dedicate an entire post 4 u..wait 4 it..its comin.. Jus 2 weeks back..i was complainin to everyone around..Its all d same,we need some change,..Life is gettin mundane n more monotonous..N nw here we go,in jus 2 weeks ,everythin changed..Everythin around me has changed..Damn.. i didn want such a big change.But there is somethin in common..I was screwed up,nw n then,bt 4 diff reasons...

This 9 letter word has such an impact in such a short period..(Hey com on, i did count the letters,recession has 9 letters)..Hey guys,u don trust me..then y did u count it again ? U guys r havin emotional recession now.. n nw lemme ask u somethin ,whats d diff between a software engineer n a barber ? A barber can feed a family of 4. (in malayalam,they say , ചെരകാന്‍ പോക്കുനത് ആയിരുന്നു ഇടിലും ഭേദം ) .
I know i am exaggeratin a bit..Bt u neva know..this mite happen in d future..N i read somewhere,recession is when ur neighbour loses his job.Depression is when u lose ur job.

Damn,, I need a beer..Oh its recession period..Gimme a glass of water,instead..
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