Sunday, March 8, 2009

Damn..I need a beer

"Damn man ..we r screwed up.. jus checkout the economic times" my friend told me.. "ET,u must be kiddin,i kno the stocks r down"..,i was as usual in my in lazy best. "Jus check it out,jaggu..!!! This time he was serious in his tone. I logged into ET website n there was an interview of my company's CEO up there..

Damn..the same expression from me also..Appu jus saw this n asked "What happened ???". " No salary hike this year 4 us,dude..Do u know wat that means.."- me. " Oh come on..I knw this wud happen b4 itself",he tried to maintain a poker face. " Relax ,da..recession..its recession time"-he.

Awwh..I am tired of this word,can somebody tell me an alternate one,so that i can suggest it to my team. I keep hearing this word again n again n again.. This was some gud 2 weeks back..

Recession means a temporary decline in economic activity in oxford.But it means much mor to me nw.. It means that i have to shift our stay from powai(rent,18 k ) to Borivalli(rent 9k).It means that i have to gulp KF instead of carlsberg nw(4 non drinkers,these r 2 means that i have to watch less movies a week . It means that i should feast on the dinner from office canteen,instead of fried chicken..It means i had to stay a week in thane hearin all those crap advices from sajith( i kno saj,u r readin list goes on n on..

Above all,it means that i had to part from my gud friend Prejoy..He was unallocated for some time(d so called bench in IT).N a week back ,HR asked him to go to Bangalore as there wer no projects in Mumbai..His butts was on fire but it was betta than the fire , fear of gettin fire-d. He left to Bangalore.

Speakin abt Prejoy, dude u redefined the word FRIENDS. I am gonna dedicate an entire post 4 u..wait 4 it..its comin.. Jus 2 weeks back..i was complainin to everyone around..Its all d same,we need some change,..Life is gettin mundane n more monotonous..N nw here we go,in jus 2 weeks ,everythin changed..Everythin around me has changed..Damn.. i didn want such a big change.But there is somethin in common..I was screwed up,nw n then,bt 4 diff reasons...

This 9 letter word has such an impact in such a short period..(Hey com on, i did count the letters,recession has 9 letters)..Hey guys,u don trust me..then y did u count it again ? U guys r havin emotional recession now.. n nw lemme ask u somethin ,whats d diff between a software engineer n a barber ? A barber can feed a family of 4. (in malayalam,they say , ചെരകാന്‍ പോക്കുനത് ആയിരുന്നു ഇടിലും ഭേദം ) .
I know i am exaggeratin a bit..Bt u neva know..this mite happen in d future..N i read somewhere,recession is when ur neighbour loses his job.Depression is when u lose ur job.

Damn,, I need a beer..Oh its recession period..Gimme a glass of water,instead..


poo said...

nice one uhm!.. change is inevitable isnt it.. and well if recession is here, its probably to here to set everyone on track back again..and mind you recession can be depression as well, if you find ur neighbor rubbin his nose on ur shoulder every day till you get in to to your type of depression as well.

sagnik said...

tone is great.The last para maybe exaggerated but who knows.I could relate to the post as I am facing the consequences too.Well done and be optimistic.At least i guess ur CEO is not MR.Raju.

kunal said...

recession has just screwed up everything.
I have Just one Hope Left that i will get mine joining in time.
nice post jaggzz..

Anonymous said...

Yeah its Recession
Kings is still 4
KF is still 70
yet the business sounds so loud..
y isn recession felt on this industry????
Beauty is in the hands of the BEer-HOLDER...

recession is like u hesitate to go to loo believing it wudb waste of time that u wont shit..
but if u did try,u wud have shat well enuf to feel energetic n light bACk..

soo just move forward n believe the word BELIEVE ! ! !

WE CAN ! !

WE CAN SH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!T

jaggu said...

yeaa change is wen ther r a hell lotta changes all oa sudden,u feel perplexed..
n btw poo, get ready, i guess i am soon gonna rub my nose on ur shoulder..betta get depressed lol..

thanx dude..n my ceo is ofcourse nt Raju bt Mr. Ramadorai..i am actually optimistic, i was jus tryin to show d changes that occured durin this phase,.,.

All d best dude.. I hope u get ur call fast..Bt i don kno hw much will dat be practical..

jaggu said...

@Rahul... beauty lies i the hands of BEer

i guess u were holdin a beer in ur hand ,wen u wer commentin or may be u were in a mood to go to d loo..

But as u said 'Believe' is d key word

Dream'R said...

hehe..bro just like in school, ur entries too bring a smile to my face. Just loved the tone, even the exaggerations. Your analogies are CLASSIC. So in mumbai u actuallt get places to rent for 9k?? now thats news...

Bro i didnt know i hadn't blog rolled u.

Say hello to your new follower.


WriteUP Cafe said...

How much ever we try to ignore, the 9 letter word is going to stay for sometime now and leave its impact on all of us. We can only hope that it passes off soon.

Arush Mittal said...

i've read so much blogs in last 1 week, havin a topic of recession, with diff tastes.
n hea comes da andr 1!

nice read!
hope da recession period will get ova as soon as possible!

cheers! :)

Jaidev said...

Friends, it's true that recession came as a guest without being invited, and as of now he is staying with us. So I think, this is a challenge for each of us to sharpen our swords and burn our boats. It is a fact that truly competent ones has very less chance of getting in trouble due to recession. Excellence is becoming a mandatory condition for survival. Let us just be excellent, put our best everyday in our work and also let's keep on innovating inside and outside work.

And also I would like to add the famous Zen saying - "This too will pass".

Luscious Sealed Lips said...


That was one funny Recession post.


aqua gurl said...

thnks for the comment!!!!

Like the set up of ur blog.....great collection of pics to your posts!

And yeah recession, one thing thats kicking everybody right now.

jaggu said...

@writeup cafe lets hope so dude..

@ Arush Mittal yeaa even i read some posts on recession,in one recession was slippage in gdp of a country while in another it was a temporary breakdown.. but 4 me it means a lot nw..

recession tranforms into depression in my case..

@Jaidev this too will pass bt so do

n moreova this guest nt only eats up our pocket,bt also put a hole into it..

@ Luscious Sealed Lips thanks dear

@aqua gurl hey thanks..u liked my blog's setup...thats a gr8 news actually

i seriously doubts that it sucks..
Nw i am in dilemma..

jaggu said...

@ Dream'R hey thanks da..n btw u get flats in mumbai 4 9k bt on d following conditions will be unfurnished wil nt be in a happenin place
3.neigbours will speak mostly marathi..

so i am infact tryin to show off to everyone dat i am an adaptable

saju said...

Eda paratta Jaggu, enikitum Thangiyaaalo nee ithil...

Alrite,tis one has de tone man.. It hits de mark,wher it has to..
Lemme,shout from ma side tat,i gt a bad hit yest coz o de so called
" recession " in de form of ma H2 ratin..
So come buddy, bak to our flat wit some beer cans..I need ur shoulders to rub my nose nw.. Lol !!

Keep up all tis gud postin buddy,
love saj

sreelakshmi said...

Its really nice..!!! But i never realized that recession had somany effects ... ;)

jaggu said...

@saju.. thanxx daa.. this time around,they spared me. i gt a good ratin...

n btw recession or nt i will always b there in thane with u guys..
lets rock.. n i kno u have more people around 2 rub ur nose ..lolz

jaggu said...

@ sreelakshmi heyy..come on..lets come outta this phase witht much bruises..

prejoy said...

U have chosen a good topic to burn our brains and think. your blog has triggered a thought in me- In reality isn't there any such thing which is recession proof? i guess there is but we as humans have a habit of covering up our failures by putting the blame on whatever would be the greatest problem of that time. In the present scenario we as software engineers are surely affected by recession but do you think if all the other sectors are equally affected??

jaggu said...

hey there u go..bit of philosophy in

Bt this ecnmic slowdown(i am nt gonna use recession word again, damn i used it surely affected us..

Abdul Ahad said...


Anurag said...

recession surely is eating into our lives big time.. nice work this..:)

Jagjit said...

Funny post :) liked reading it. :)

Rushabhh Gandhi said...

The things have changed a lot now..isnt it?


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