Saturday, July 19, 2008

Faggers Stop..

Faggers Stop..

So its high time that i write something abt cigarrettes ,,.,. Muthu was irritatin me a lot 2 do this.... even i thot cigarrette needs to get some space,after all its the closest thing to our lips,rt...

i don kno what attracted me towards smoking..may be the style, may be the feel or may be i jus wanted 2 try.
2 weeks back ,we celebrated 'anti smoking' day in our office & there were lots of competitions on dat day like posters ,slogans etc.....Guess who gt the 1st prize for it..yeeeaaa Me.. I wanted a zippo lighter as the gift,bt i gt something else.. Anyways that was fun... Everyone who knew i smoke was laughing there heart out when i collected the prize..

Somedays back one of my friends asked me'' jaggu y do u smoke'', i said' I read somewhere that passive smoking is more injurious to health, so i started active smoking'..I have always wondered, what made me n muthu this close- may be its d fag we hold...So its highly imp 2 write somethin abt my friend muthu,when i write abt cigrette.. To start with, he likes smoking,durin our ilp days i rem we sittin in the corridor of Exec hostel with cig in one hand & eyes on something else...I was curious 2 kno y he smoked,he replied..'' whenever i feel like paying tax to the govt, i smoke"... Unbelievable ans ,isnt it...

But whatever may be the reasons,all smokers will agree to one pt..When we think of the poor families of all the people working in cigarette factories,hw can we quit smoking.They all will become jobless which may result in lottaa bad things, u c...So isnt smoking a kind of charity,yes it is..

So all of u out there,be part of a gr8 charity initiative, start lighting up ur fags..Its nw or never..he

"If Prometheus had stolen fire from heaven in order to light his cigarette, they would have let him do it." -
Ned Rival


jaggu said...

Y???? No faggers yet

PSYCHO said...

only joints
fagging is for fags :P

jaggu said...

he psycho


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